pregnenolone may help to address the following conditions:
In treating arthritis, some complementary physicians use pregnenolone as a substitute for the dangerous anti-inflammatory steroid, prednisone. A 1950 study found pregnenolone controlledl symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis without the metabolic side effects common to other adrenal steroid hormones. While the patentable corticosteroids are reportedly somewhat stronger than pregnenolone, they come with dangerous side effects such as high blood pressure, reduced immunity, and increased risk of diabetes.
Pregnenolone's anti-inflammatory effect is so powerful that it has been prescribed as a reasonable (and safer) substitute for prednisone in some asthma cases.
adrenal insufficiency
Pregnenolone is the first hormone in the adrenal "cascade." With adrenal insufficiency, patients may experience "pregnenolone stealing" -- a phenomenon in which the body produces less pregnenolone in favor of increasing cortisol production.
brain fog
Studies with rats confirm a positive correlation between pregnenolone levels and brain function. Rats with low pregnenolone levels exhibited cognitive deficiencies that were reversed with supplementation of the hormone. Because pregnenolone is a precurser to DHEA and acetylcholine, researchers believe its effects may be due to increased levels of these substances.
developmental disorders
Pregnenolone levels in the brain are positively correlated with learning and memory performance. Pregnenolone injections have been shown in studies of rats to enhance performance in learning and memory tests and to increase neurogenesis.
memory problems
Animal studies suggest that pregnenolone may be one of the most potent learning and memory enhancers ever found, and it offers the additional benefit of significantly improving energy and mood.
Individuals suffering from chronic or recurring depression were found to have lower-than-average levels of pregnenolone in their spinal fluid. Some depressed individuals are helped by pregnenolone supplements.
A study of pregnenolone therapy in rheumatologic diseases reported a substantial benefit in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE).
multiple sclerosis
Animal studies indicate that pregnenolone may be helpful in repairing damage to the myelin sheath resulting from multiple sclerosis.
nervous system disorders
Pregnenolone has improved hand-eye coordination, learning, memory and stamina in subjects tested using a flight simulation machine. Taken before standard memory tests, the hormone produced improved memory in both men and women, enhancing spatial memory in men and verbal recall memory in women.

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